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Lesion Removal in Surbiton

Moles, Skin Tags, Cysts, lumps, Spider naevi         


Moles, Persistent Warts, skin tags can be annoying, can worry, can catch and can be cosmetically bothersome.  Many of these can be removed by simple shave excision or snip removal leaving little or no scarring.  Larger lesions may need a few stitches.  All part of the skin including the face can be treated though an assessment is made to clarify this.
Lesions are assessed and removed by Dr Ratti's Royal College of Surgeons trained and qualified colleague (Dr Kochhar) in his medical rooms at Surbiton only.  For lesion removal in Surbiton, enquiries should be directed to Dr. Ratti who can be called on 07939 13642 or emailed using the form on the contact page.
All pigmented lesions are examined by dermoscopy and appropriate non-partial advice given before proceeding to removal if required.  Initial consultation is free if requested as part of another procedure being undertaken, otherwise a refundable nominal charge is made.  However most clients prefer to book after email discussions and thus we request that photos are sent of all lesions by email to enable more accurate diagnosis and costings. Most lesions are sent for histology to check they are innocent, and unless stipulated at consultation this is as no extra cost to the client.
A free follow up is offered as part of this service making lesion removal in Surbiton with Dr Kochhar a very attractive option. 
Cysts in and below the skin, and other benign skin lump can also be removed if unsightly or bothersome.  Complexity can vary and impartial advice is given. 
Spider naevi are common small arteriole/blood vessel blemishes with little veins radiation outwards and are usually only found upper half body including the arms, chest and face. These can be unsightly.  These can be dealt with by a simple technique called electrodessication. The technique is safe and effective though as with all treatments for these lesions recurrence can occur when if needed further treatment can be given.  For lesion removal in Surbiton Dr Kochhar has the experience and expertise you require.



All Prices are a guide

Shave and Snip Excisions        £ 150 first lesion - £ 75 for additional lesions

Lesions with stitches                 £ 180 first lesion  - £ 90 additional lesions

Initial Consultation                      £ 20 if no other procedure, refundable off treatment cost

Cysts                                              Dependant on location and size. From £ 175             

Spider Naevi                                 From £ 100 per lesion


This service is only available in Surbiton. However, if you need lesion removal in Surbiton, Dr. Ratti’s Surbiton Clinic accepts patients from all regions.

Dr Ban Ratti  |  07939 136427