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Dr Ban Ratti is a practising General Practitioner, experience Medical Aesthetics Doctor with an interest in Accident and Emergency.

She provides a personalised service tailored to the Client



With age facial wrinkes, creases or folds can develop.  If you wish to enhance your links and give yourself a more youthful appearance Botox® may be right for you.


What is Botox® ?

Botox® is the diluted form of Botulinum Toxin.  It is used to block the nerve ending signals to muscles so allowing the relaxation of the underlying muscles.  This can give a softening and reduction in facial lines and creases.


Where is Botox® used ?

Primarily it is used on the upper third of the face. It is typically used in three areas reducing frown lines and producing a more youthful appearance.


Forehead  "Worry lines"


Glabellar (between eyebrows)    " Frown lines"


Crows feet to the sides of the eyes




Can I have Botox® ?

Botox® is contraindicated in Pregnancy, Breast feeding and if you have a neuromuscular disease such as Myasthenia Gravis.


Treatment Information

We advise you to stop aspirin two days prior to treatment to reduce any bruising.  These are a series of injections which may cause you slight discomfort.


How long can Botox last?

Muscle relaxation starts from day 2-10 post injection. It may last 3-4months and patients are advised to return for further treatments thereafter.


What should I expect post Botox treatment ?

Botox is a safe effective treatment. Complications are minor and temporary. Sometimes clients get a mild headache, slight bruising and swelling, this will resolve after a few days. Rarely the toxin may reach the upper eyelid muscle, this may cause temporary drooping. This occurs rarely and may be reduced by special drops.


Post treatment advice?

We advise you to frown as much as possible 4-6 hours post treatment. We also advise you to avoid alcohol, keep upright and do not do any exercise post treatment.  


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